Albertini: Montella Still Needs Time

Albertini: Montella Still Needs Time

Legend of Milan, Demetrio Albertini admitted Vincenzo Montella takes time to unite many new players.

Albertini performed in more than 400 games with Milan between 1988 and 2002, winning five Scudetti and three Champions League.

“He is under pressure for an uncertain outcome, but he has a lot of new players, who need to be galvanized first,” said Albertini.

“That’s a tough task. Bonucci has no reference, therefore he must be quick in adapting, using his qualities and charisma.

“Of course my three defeats will be a burden. Derby game is very exciting, full of emotion. Inter have not made an impression on me yet, but they take home three points.

“The strength of this league is in balance. We see a lot of great players that have not been there in the last few years.

“Juventus and Napoli are two very qualified teams and will compete until the end to win the Serie A title.”

Apparently, This Cause MU Stars Failed Join Real Madrid

Apparently, This Cause MU Stars Failed Join Real Madrid

Paul Pogba joined Manchester United (MU) from Juventus last summer. He chose berthing at United rather than at another club. Transfer value of Pogba worth 110 million euros, which was one year ago – is the highest price ever paid for footballers.

Previously, it was the French players, had been linked with a move to Real Madrid. However, his move to the Bernabeu somehow did not materialize.

But, according to Don Balon’s report, as quoted Ilbianconero, revealed the explanation why the former Juventus star failed to move to Real Madrid.

It mentioned the media that Pogba was included in the list of five unwanted players Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid.

The Frenchman is on the list with players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Robert Lewandowski, Arturo Vidal and Dani Ceballos, who recently joined Real Madrid last summer.

Pogba is not the player Ronaldo wants at the Bernabeu. And, his veto can prevent Pogba from joining Real Madrid.

Virus Infections

Real Madrid had a chance to bring in a new full back in the winter transfer market in 2018.

However, as reported by Marca, Thursday (12/10/2017), Los Blancos will not take the opportunity.

As reported earlier, Real Madrid will likely lose Dani Carvajal for two months. The 25-year-old full back suffers from pericarditis.

Such diseases are reportedly difficult to treat because they have to be handled with caution.Pericarditis is a membrane membrane around the heart.

This disease occurs due to a viral infection. It can be cleaned in less than two or three weeks for ordinary citizens. As for athletes, it will be more complex and risky. You see, the heart becomes one of the health parameters of an athlete who has high physical activity.

Eriksson: Fans Have to Remember Wayne Rooney

Eriksson: Fans Have to Remember Wayne Rooney

The legendary manager, Sven-Goran Eriksson, thinks the fans should treat Wayne Rooney just like Francesco Totti

Everton bomber decided to retire from England since August last season with recorded 53 goals in 119 matches.

Goran himself seems to feel disappointed with the fans who remain concerned about the performance shown by Rooney during the England team.

But Goran wants fans to appreciate what has been done by Rooney, as well as Totti, who already provide the best for the club or country.

Goran said “I think fans should still appreciate Rooney, as it should be with Totti.”

“Rooney is a great player. He can score many goals for Manchester United or England. ”

“If Rooney comes from Italy, then of course all the public will appreciate it just like Totti.”

“I’m sure some time is coming, there will be players like Rooney.”

“And I have so far been confused with the public, what exactly do they want from Rooney?”

Indonesia Vs Thailand, There Are Discount Ticket Prices Of 20 Percent

Indonesia Vs Thailand, There Are Discount Ticket Prices Of 20 Percent

Indonesia U-19 national team will again hold trials this week. According to the plan, Garuda Nusantara besutan coach Indra Sjafri will meet a tough team, Thailand, at Wijawa Stadium Mukti Cikarang, Sunday (8/10/2017) at 18.30 pm.

PSSI charge tickets for viewers who want to witness the action directly Egy Maulana Vikri and friends. Ahead of the game, the motherland of soccer sport of this country offers a pretty interesting promo that is 20 percent discount for all class tickets, which is valid only until Friday (6/10/2017).

Booking this ticket online at site. To get a 20 percent discount, you simply click the buy ticket button, then select the Disc 20% option.

Here’s a complete list of ticket prices before and after the discount:

VVIP: Rp 180,000 to Rp 160,000
VIP: Rp 90,000 to Rp 80,000
Side: Rp 67,500 to Rp 60,000
Above: Rp 67,500 to Rp 60,000
Tribune: Rp 45,000 to Rp 40,000

Previously, U-19 national team strength has been tested Cambodia U-19 in a duel at the Patriot Stadium, Bekasi, Wednesday (04/10/2017) night. Egy Maulana et al winning with a score of 2-0.

Rome Possible Return Montella

Rome Possible Return Montella

According to the media, Vincenzo Montella is very likely to leave Milan next summer to return to Rome.

Montella is under serious pressure after losing two of the six Serie A games so far this season and there are reports that he could have been replaced for the result.

This can still change because the newspaper claims also that Montella is a prime candidate to replace Luciano Spalletti at the San Siro.

If all the decisions are determined by the advisor of James Pallotta, Franco Baldini, then L’Aeroplanino (Montella) is most likely the person he chooses.

However, the new sports director, Monchi prefers former Sassuolo boss, Eusebio Di Francesco.

This will be the moment of the return of Montella, who was a player for the Giallorossi from 1999 until his retirement in 2009, despite being on loan in the last two years at Fulham and Sampdoria.

He then became part of their staff as a young team coach before progressing to senior team manager from February to June 2011 as a temporary manager.

Fernandinho Beware Shakhtar Donetsk

Fernandinho Beware Shakhtar Donetsk

Manchester City midfielder Fernandinho is wary of Paulo Fonseca’s team move Situs Judi.

Late Wednesday in the Champions League Group F phase, The Citizen will face Shakhtar at Etihad Stadium.

In response to subsequent opponents, Fernandinho estimates Shakhtar will play aggressively in attack.

Fernandinho said: “I personally think Shakhtar will play aggressively.”

“We have to find ways to deal with Shakhtar. They are a very dangerous team. ”

“For that I feel confident Pep Guardiola has prepared the right tactics for the City. And I feel sure City will win over Shakhtar. “

Colidio Official Join Inter

Colidio Official Join Inter

Inter have officially brought Facundo Colidio on a three-year contract from Boca Juniors.

And now Colidio who was born in the millennium year is 17 years old and he joined the Nerazzurri academy.

The striker has been believed to have cost about 6 million Euros.

He will arrive in January 2018 when he is 18, but Inter announced to the public that they have received the signature of the Argentine-born player.

Colidio will begin training with the Primavera junior team, Stefano Vecchi.

He will be under contract at San Siro until 30 June 2020.

Inter look at Colidio as their future asset, where Luciano Spalletti’s club reportedly needs an attacking figure.

Inter at the helm Spalletti could compete for the Scudetto title race, where they still played impressive games until this time despite only being able to earn a 1-1 draw against Bologna.

Merson: Klopp Needs Time in Liverpool

Merson: Klopp Needs Time in Liverpool

Arsenal football legend Paul Merson has stated that Jurgen Klopp still needs time to make Liverpool perfect.

Since being brought in two seasons ago, the German man looks very promising in handling the team where in his first year brings the Reds to the two finals of each League Cup as well as the Europa League, but in the top party James Milner Cs must be swallowed defeat of his opponent.

However, for the former coach of Borussia Dortmund is not left Anfield manajamen club directly provide refresh for his working period with his two assistants. The result with a new contract awarded in last season Liverpool capable of a big four through which makes them this summer can return to play in the Champions League.

However, unfortunately at the start of the season did not go well where although managed to win 4-0 over Arsenal but counter Manchester City, goalkeeper Simon Mignolet must conceded five goals and against Sevilla in prestigious blue continent competition from the Merseyside side in a 2-2 draw at acting as host and at the club’s press began to evaluate its performance, but Merson felt Everton’s eternal rivals had to keep believing in Jurgen.

“I’m impressed with Jurgen Klopp but let’s not get carried away, Liverpool is now what you expect at this moment. But I do not expect them to win the league this season, “Paul Merson told the media.

“The coach does not know everything about the Premier League after being here for a year and a half here. This will make Klopp take time. I just thought he was raising the moment again. He has a front line, a good midfield but his defense is not so.

“For him in Germany it may be good but not in the Premier League. I think Liverpool should still believe in Klopp. Two weeks ago he was a hero against Arsenal.

“But they have to lose to Manchester City after just playing with 10 players and then a draw against Sevilla, which is not the worst team in the world.

“The Premier League beat Guardiola last season, but Klopp needs time.”

Bale Wishes Could Go Back Scintillating

Bale Wishes Could Go Back Scintillating

Gareth Bale tried to respond to all the criticisms that were directed at Real Madrid after three weeks of La Liga running Agen Judi Bola.

The Wales star spoke in an interview with the media about his feelings in Spain and his injury problems.

Bale admits he plays with disregard for pain and may make the mistake of returning prematurely from injury suffered.

“Maybe it would be better if I rested yesterday longer. But when you get injured for three months and see teammates struggling, you’ll soon want to go back and that’s what I did. I have to accept a lot of pain relievers to be able to play, “said Bale.

“I hope my best ability will still come. There are some great moments, some are bad.

“Everything is an opinion. They have to sell newspapers and write something, so I’m used to people writing good and bad. It does not bother me much. “

Koeman: Barkley Rejects Chelsea

Koeman: Barkley Rejects Chelsea

Everton coach Ronald Koeman admitted that Ross Barkley did reject offers proposed by the Chelsea.

The England midfielder had almost moved to Stamford Bridge on the last day of the summer transfer window, but canceled the intention, and decided to stay at Goodison Park.

“Of course, the last day of yesterday was a strange day, but it did not just happen to Everton, but almost to every club in the Premier League,” the coach told reporters.

“Ross came to see me on Tuesday, and he explained to me what the reason he refused Chelsea. But the content of our conversation is personal. ”

“He is open with the opportunity to move to another club, and I heard from the club’s board of directors, if Chelsea has reached an agreement with Everton.”

“But in the end, the decision remains in the hands of the players, and that’s what happened at the time.”