Van Der Sar: Rashford Potentially Becomes a World Class Player

Van Der Sar: Rashford Potentially Becomes a World Class Player

Manchester United legend goalkeeper Van Der Sar predicts Marcus Rashford who has a great chance of becoming a world-class player, in time.

Rashford has so far performed better than ever, Jose Mourinho was impressed with the great action of the young players of the British nationality.

“Rashford has great potential to be a world-class player, he’s a very young player I love, he’s great and does not talk much and can prove results,” said Van Der Sar.

“I once met him, at that time, he asked about my son who also happens to be academic Manchester United.

“I was touched by the question, he was friendly and at all not an arrogant attitude, I will continue to support him.”

Pogba Semringah Burden World’s Most Expensive Player Has Been Released

Pogba Semringah Burden World’s Most Expensive Player Has Been Released

Manchester United mainstay midfielder, Paul Pogba, admitted relieved after no longer holds the status as the world’s most expensive player.

Paul Pogba broke the world transfer record after Man United’s purchase from Juventus in the summer of 2016 with a “dowry” of 205 million euros (Rp 1.6 trillion).

Just one year later, the record was surpassed by Neymar who was worth 222 million euros while moving from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Pogba admits he feels burdened by the status of the world’s most expensive footballer. Criticism flowed swiftly as he performed poorly.

Now, the load has disappeared from the shoulders of the midfielder following Neymar’s phenomenal transfer.

“Last year, the first thing people asked was about price,” Pogba told the Daily Mail.

“Now, everyone is just going to talk about football,” said the 24-year-old.

Furthermore, Pogba is determined to perform better after no more burden.

“Now I’m back and I’m happy,” the Frenchman said.

Pogba did not take long to show off.

He immediately contributed a goal when Man United silenced West Ham United 4-0 in the inaugural Premier League week 2017-2018, Saturday (13/08/2017).

5 Loyal League Players Indonesia: Faithful Only Defend One Club Only

5 Loyal League Players Indonesia: Faithful Only Defend One Club Only

In modern times there are not many footballers who are loyal to one club especially when it gets offered with abundant money from the club who are interested in it. Many football players have decided to go traveling from one club to another for that reason Sbobet Casino.

But there are also footballers who are very loyal to the club, where they only defend one club throughout his career. Call it Paolo Maldini, Carles Puyol, until Ryan Giggs is an example of the most loyal ball players for his club because they spend his career only on one club until they penisun.

In Indonesia the phenomenon of “loyal players” is very difficult to find. Rarely are there Indonesian players who defend one club only. Moreover, hardly any club that gives a long contract on the players. Every season players move clubs on the grounds of a larger salary offer.

But that does not mean there are no players who only defend one club alone during a career in Indonesia. Here are the names of Indonesian football players who are very loyal with one club only.

1. Choirul Huda (Persela Lamongan)

Choirul Huda recorded the old players who defend one club in Indonesia at this time. This goalkeeper has been defending Laskar Joko Tingkir since 1999-2000. For 17 years the position of the main goalkeeper from Lamongan team is never replaced by other players although there are some great goalkeepers to Persela.

2. Yustinus Pae (Persipura Jayapura)

There is one name of the most loyal players in Persipura Jayapura. And not Boaz Salossa or Ian Kabes, players who only defend one club only in Persipura Jayapura. Boaz himself had played in Borneo FC and the club from East Timor in 2015. While Ian Kabes before big in Persipura he had played in Persijap Jepara 2004 ago.

The figure of the loyalist is Yustinus Pae. This 34-year-old player is a dropout of the Black Pearl team since 1995. Until finally entered the senior team from 2007 he always defend the team origin Persipura. Moreover, the right-back position was never separated from this sister Victor Pae.

3. Dendi Santoso (Arema FC)

This winger is a loyal player in Indonesia. Starting his career in 2009, Dendi Santoso still remain faithful to defend his club Arema Malang until now. Bids from other clubs who dare to pay a large salary for this player denied. Many quality players coming to Malang do not make him leave from Earth Arema because of his love of the club Arema Malang. Even when calculated from junior team Dendi has defended Arema since 2004.

4. Rudi (Semen Padang)

This urang crew player has been long enough to defend the club pride of West Sumatra. Since the year began his professional career, he always defended the banner of Semen Padang. His love for Kabau Sirah made him refuse to accept the offer of another club who dare to pay this player higher than his club now.

5. Kurnia Meiga (Arema)

Since he started his professional career in 2008, he never moved from Malang. Whereas in the last three seasons the Malaysian club had meminatinya. In addition, a big offer from the Japanese club in 2015 was also rejected. Whereas at that time the condition of Indonesian football was chaotic due to freezing PSSI by Menpora. Total nearly ten years and predicted to continue to defend Arema. Moreover, he has almost won the title with Arema both domestic competition and some tournaments.

Giggs: Manchester duo will be conspicuous next season

Giggs: Manchester duo will be conspicuous next season

According to legend at Old Trafford, Ryan Giggs, Manchester duo will be two clubs that are striking and predicted to compete in the Premier League.

The Red Devils legend is concerned about the performance of many English Premier League clubs in this season’s pre-season game, and he feels both Manchesters have a chance to play the English Premier League.

“I think the two of them will compete tightly for the English Premier League, so far they have been the best through several matches yesterday,” said Giggs.

“Chelsea are actually among them, but even though they were champions in the summer, seeing the current conditions, two Manchesters are more likely,” Giggs continued.

Got Physically Marvelous, New Arsenal Defender Equated With Tank

Got Physically Marvelous, New Arsenal Defender Equated With Tank

Theo Walcott sent praise to new Arsenal defender Sead Kolasinac, saying that the former Schalke player could be one of the best players in the English Premier League Bandar Bola.

Kolasinac arrived at the Emirates Stadium on a free transfer ahead of the 2017-18 season and scored a counterweight which eventually led to Arsenal’s win on penalties over Chelsea in the Community Shield on Sunday.

Kolasinac Physics matches the English Premier League

The 24-year-old did not start at Wembley but was forced into the field earlier than expected as Per Mertesacker left the field with a head injury.

And Walcott believes Arsenal have made a very good transfer by bringing it. He also called the player is a figure that is really perfect to play in the Premier League.

“Sead looks like a tank. He is a tough unit that is difficult to skip and I am sure his physical attributes will be key for us this season. Honestly, he is a savage player. He is amazing, I see him in the gym every day, you can say he keeps himself well, he eats the right food and he is professional, “said Walcott.

“You can see the power he has when he gets the ball, his pace and everything. Very beautiful to watch and he is a great addition to the squad. Believe me, he is not easy to skip. He is perfect for the Premier League, he is absolutely perfect. He will show something different, “he added.

“I have seen a glimpse of him in the pre-season and he will be fitter, stronger and faster. This league is the best and I think he can be one of the best players in the league, “he concluded.

Arsenal start their season by facing Leicester City this weekend. In the last season the Gunners failed to break into the top four and failed to qualify for the Champions League this season. Therefore, their target this season is to achieve a performance that is at least better than last season. (Source: Four Four Two)

Real Madrid So Man United’s First Target to Conquer Europe

Real Madrid So Man United’s First Target to Conquer Europe

Fullback Manchester United, Antonio Valencia, with his colleagues are preparing themselves against Real Madrid in the European Super Cup match, Tuesday (08/08/2017) or Wednesday morning GMT. This event brings together two European champions last season in which Real Madrid champions Champions League while Man United Europa League winners.

Valencia revealed that his team will work harder to win the trophy. He is reluctant to give up even though Real Madrid are more favored because of the status of the Champions League rulers, the highest caste competition among European clubs.

He also agrees with Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho that the European Super Cup is his team’s first target in the upcoming season.

“We will fight to get the European Super Cup, that’s our first target,” said the 32-year-old.

The Ecuadorian is hoping his team can play with high motivation and concentration to defeat the Spanish league giants.

“My main target is to win a lot of titles, so I have to play the game in earnest,” he said.

“Every season I always hope to be a winner.”

Man United just won the European Super Cup and three times runner-up. Real Madrid have won the event three times, including last year, and twice came second.

Manchester United Will Extend Contracts Juan Mata And Herrera

Manchester United Will Extend Contracts Juan Mata And Herrera

Manchester United is rumored to soon extend the contract of two players their mainstay from Spain, Ander Herrera, and Juan Mata Judi Online.

Both players successfully performed with a glorious performance in the season yesterday, the management and also Jose Mourinho as coach sure both will make the Red Devils stronger.

It is not as the main goal machine for the Red Devils, but they are both judged to make the midfield stronger and make the game more harmonious.

Herrera own feared to leave to Barcelona, they will not let it happen, in the near future they will soon prepare a brand-new contract.

Through Instagram, Messi Convey Farewell to Neymar

Trio MSN Antar Barcelona Lolos ke Perempat Final

Through Instagram, Messi Convey Farewell to Neymar

Neymar move to PSG just waiting for the official announcement only. Moreover, the Brazilian striker had already said goodbye to the Barcelona squad.

On Wednesday (02/08/2017), Neymar met club president, Josep Bartomeu. He explains the desire to leave and Bartoemeu can not do anything but let him leave.

Neymar then headed to the dressing room at Barcelona training headquarters to meet all his colleagues. There in hugging one by one players and team staff, while saying goodbye.

Along with the circulation of the news, tandem Neymar on the front lines of Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčLionel Messi also upload a video on Instagram. There they saw the togetherness they had been through.

But from it all, the most attention is the accompanying writing. Messi wrote, “It’s great to share these few years with you best friend, Neymar”.

Apparently Messi’s post was responded directly by Neymar. In the comments column, the former Santos striker wrote, “Thank you brother, I will miss you very much”.

Believed Neymar will be anchored to PSG this week as well. He is likely to break the record transfer of players with a value of transactions reached 222 million euros.