Indonesia Vs Thailand, There Are Discount Ticket Prices Of 20 Percent

Indonesia Vs Thailand, There Are Discount Ticket Prices Of 20 Percent

Indonesia U-19 national team will again hold trials this week. According to the plan, Garuda Nusantara besutan coach Indra Sjafri will meet a tough team, Thailand, at Wijawa Stadium Mukti Cikarang, Sunday (8/10/2017) at 18.30 pm.

PSSI charge tickets for viewers who want to witness the action directly Egy Maulana Vikri and friends. Ahead of the game, the motherland of soccer sport of this country offers a pretty interesting promo that is 20 percent discount for all class tickets, which is valid only until Friday (6/10/2017).

Booking this ticket online at site. To get a 20 percent discount, you simply click the buy ticket button, then select the Disc 20% option.

Here’s a complete list of ticket prices before and after the discount:

VVIP: Rp 180,000 to Rp 160,000
VIP: Rp 90,000 to Rp 80,000
Side: Rp 67,500 to Rp 60,000
Above: Rp 67,500 to Rp 60,000
Tribune: Rp 45,000 to Rp 40,000

Previously, U-19 national team strength has been tested Cambodia U-19 in a duel at the Patriot Stadium, Bekasi, Wednesday (04/10/2017) night. Egy Maulana et al winning with a score of 2-0.

5 Loyal League Players Indonesia: Faithful Only Defend One Club Only

5 Loyal League Players Indonesia: Faithful Only Defend One Club Only

In modern times there are not many footballers who are loyal to one club especially when it gets offered with abundant money from the club who are interested in it. Many football players have decided to go traveling from one club to another for that reason Sbobet Casino.

But there are also footballers who are very loyal to the club, where they only defend one club throughout his career. Call it Paolo Maldini, Carles Puyol, until Ryan Giggs is an example of the most loyal ball players for his club because they spend his career only on one club until they penisun.

In Indonesia the phenomenon of “loyal players” is very difficult to find. Rarely are there Indonesian players who defend one club only. Moreover, hardly any club that gives a long contract on the players. Every season players move clubs on the grounds of a larger salary offer.

But that does not mean there are no players who only defend one club alone during a career in Indonesia. Here are the names of Indonesian football players who are very loyal with one club only.

1. Choirul Huda (Persela Lamongan)

Choirul Huda recorded the old players who defend one club in Indonesia at this time. This goalkeeper has been defending Laskar Joko Tingkir since 1999-2000. For 17 years the position of the main goalkeeper from Lamongan team is never replaced by other players although there are some great goalkeepers to Persela.

2. Yustinus Pae (Persipura Jayapura)

There is one name of the most loyal players in Persipura Jayapura. And not Boaz Salossa or Ian Kabes, players who only defend one club only in Persipura Jayapura. Boaz himself had played in Borneo FC and the club from East Timor in 2015. While Ian Kabes before big in Persipura he had played in Persijap Jepara 2004 ago.

The figure of the loyalist is Yustinus Pae. This 34-year-old player is a dropout of the Black Pearl team since 1995. Until finally entered the senior team from 2007 he always defend the team origin Persipura. Moreover, the right-back position was never separated from this sister Victor Pae.

3. Dendi Santoso (Arema FC)

This winger is a loyal player in Indonesia. Starting his career in 2009, Dendi Santoso still remain faithful to defend his club Arema Malang until now. Bids from other clubs who dare to pay a large salary for this player denied. Many quality players coming to Malang do not make him leave from Earth Arema because of his love of the club Arema Malang. Even when calculated from junior team Dendi has defended Arema since 2004.

4. Rudi (Semen Padang)

This urang crew player has been long enough to defend the club pride of West Sumatra. Since the year began his professional career, he always defended the banner of Semen Padang. His love for Kabau Sirah made him refuse to accept the offer of another club who dare to pay this player higher than his club now.

5. Kurnia Meiga (Arema)

Since he started his professional career in 2008, he never moved from Malang. Whereas in the last three seasons the Malaysian club had meminatinya. In addition, a big offer from the Japanese club in 2015 was also rejected. Whereas at that time the condition of Indonesian football was chaotic due to freezing PSSI by Menpora. Total nearly ten years and predicted to continue to defend Arema. Moreover, he has almost won the title with Arema both domestic competition and some tournaments.

League Schedule 1, Live Event July 31, 2017

Liga 1 Logo

League Schedule 1, Live Event July 31, 2017

First League League closing party will be held by bringing together Gresik United against Bali United, on Monday (31/7/2017). An additional three points of victory will affect the fate of both teams in the standings Agen Poker Online.

Currently Bali United is in a positive trend. Perched at number four, Serdadu Tridatu have a chance to be runner-up part of the season if win more than one goal at Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan.

Bali United can match the points of comfortable Madura United (MU) at the top of the table with 32 points. Because, Manchester United won only 1-0 in the match against PSM Makassar on Saturday (29/7).

While the fate Gresik United 180 degrees from the candidate opponent. The team nicknamed Kebo Giras has not moved from the bottom of the league standings with a collection of seven points.

Not only that, neighbors team Persebaya Surabaya is threatened to lose players in large numbers. The last news as many as seven players have been approached League 1 and League 2 teams.

Here is the schedule of the closing match of League 1.


Monday, July 31, 2017

18.30 WIB Gresik United vs Bali United (TvOne)