Eriksson: Fans Have to Remember Wayne Rooney

Eriksson: Fans Have to Remember Wayne Rooney

The legendary manager, Sven-Goran Eriksson, thinks the fans should treat Wayne Rooney just like Francesco Totti

Everton bomber decided to retire from England since August last season with recorded 53 goals in 119 matches.

Goran himself seems to feel disappointed with the fans who remain concerned about the performance shown by Rooney during the England team.

But Goran wants fans to appreciate what has been done by Rooney, as well as Totti, who already provide the best for the club or country.

Goran said “I think fans should still appreciate Rooney, as it should be with Totti.”

“Rooney is a great player. He can score many goals for Manchester United or England. ”

“If Rooney comes from Italy, then of course all the public will appreciate it just like Totti.”

“I’m sure some time is coming, there will be players like Rooney.”

“And I have so far been confused with the public, what exactly do they want from Rooney?”

Merson: Klopp Needs Time in Liverpool

Merson: Klopp Needs Time in Liverpool

Arsenal football legend Paul Merson has stated that Jurgen Klopp still needs time to make Liverpool perfect.

Since being brought in two seasons ago, the German man looks very promising in handling the team where in his first year brings the Reds to the two finals of each League Cup as well as the Europa League, but in the top party James Milner Cs must be swallowed defeat of his opponent.

However, for the former coach of Borussia Dortmund is not left Anfield manajamen club directly provide refresh for his working period with his two assistants. The result with a new contract awarded in last season Liverpool capable of a big four through which makes them this summer can return to play in the Champions League.

However, unfortunately at the start of the season did not go well where although managed to win 4-0 over Arsenal but counter Manchester City, goalkeeper Simon Mignolet must conceded five goals and against Sevilla in prestigious blue continent competition from the Merseyside side in a 2-2 draw at acting as host and at the club’s press began to evaluate its performance, but Merson felt Everton’s eternal rivals had to keep believing in Jurgen.

“I’m impressed with Jurgen Klopp but let’s not get carried away, Liverpool is now what you expect at this moment. But I do not expect them to win the league this season, “Paul Merson told the media.

“The coach does not know everything about the Premier League after being here for a year and a half here. This will make Klopp take time. I just thought he was raising the moment again. He has a front line, a good midfield but his defense is not so.

“For him in Germany it may be good but not in the Premier League. I think Liverpool should still believe in Klopp. Two weeks ago he was a hero against Arsenal.

“But they have to lose to Manchester City after just playing with 10 players and then a draw against Sevilla, which is not the worst team in the world.

“The Premier League beat Guardiola last season, but Klopp needs time.”

Koeman: Barkley Rejects Chelsea

Koeman: Barkley Rejects Chelsea

Everton coach Ronald Koeman admitted that Ross Barkley did reject offers proposed by the Chelsea.

The England midfielder had almost moved to Stamford Bridge on the last day of the summer transfer window, but canceled the intention, and decided to stay at Goodison Park.

“Of course, the last day of yesterday was a strange day, but it did not just happen to Everton, but almost to every club in the Premier League,” the coach told reporters.

“Ross came to see me on Tuesday, and he explained to me what the reason he refused Chelsea. But the content of our conversation is personal. ”

“He is open with the opportunity to move to another club, and I heard from the club’s board of directors, if Chelsea has reached an agreement with Everton.”

“But in the end, the decision remains in the hands of the players, and that’s what happened at the time.”

Albrighton: Leicester Already Good in Early English League

Albrighton: Leicester Already Good in Early English League

Winger Leicester City, Marc Albrighton insists his side have played very well at the start of the English Premier League 2017-2018 Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Of the three matches that have been in live The New Foxes only one time to win when hosting Brighton & Hove Albion. While the other two contra each Manchester United and also Arsenal must be defeated.

Still so 27-year-old player was stressed himself with his teammate has performed best performance, especially facing two top teams away on the road.

“We of course have started with difficult,” said Marc Albrighton on the club’s official website.

“But I think in the two games against the top club which is far from kandaNg, we have given a good explanation of who we are.

“If we can do it then we will not go wrong.”

Winterburn: Chamberlain Wants New Challenges

Winterburn: Chamberlain Wants New Challenges

Former Arsenal defender Nigel Winterburn feels Alex Oxlade Chamberlain just wants to find a new atmosphere in his football career.

Now that the former Southampton player is reluctant to sign a new contract following his work will be over soon, then the player continues to be linked will soon leave the Emirates stadium this summer.

Even clubs like Chelsea and also Liverpool are reported to be very interested to bring it. But the Blues in the most serious news to get his signature where by proposing a transfer value reached 35 million Pounds and Chambo mentioned already agreed.

Nevertheless but Winterburn still question whether the 23-year-old player can play regular or not. Because the two clubs who want already have a good main player whose quality is now the backbone of each team. So the legend believes Chamberlain wants something new.

“We heard he wanted to play in midfield which is more important, but with the club that has been linked, I can not see it. In fact I think he has enough on Arsenal, but for him this might be a good time to move and face a new challenge, “Nigel Winterburn told the media.

“He’s very sensational in the wing back position. So he can compete with Victor Moses at Chelsea.

“If he wants to play in the attacking midfield position but in Chelsea there are figures of Willian and Pedro and so whether it will guarantee him playing as a starter? If he is in Liverpool then he will come up against names like Mohamed Salah and also Sadio Mane.

“Wrong had just arrived at the club this summer and he started strongly. He’s like lightning, while Mane will certainly be the most important player. So once Chamberlain will struggle to say ‘where will I go in and how much will I play as a starter?’.

“So I think it is time for a new challenge and he will say ‘I will take a risk even though I can sit on the bench.’

Van Der Sar: Rashford Potentially Becomes a World Class Player

Van Der Sar: Rashford Potentially Becomes a World Class Player

Manchester United legend goalkeeper Van Der Sar predicts Marcus Rashford who has a great chance of becoming a world-class player, in time.

Rashford has so far performed better than ever, Jose Mourinho was impressed with the great action of the young players of the British nationality.

“Rashford has great potential to be a world-class player, he’s a very young player I love, he’s great and does not talk much and can prove results,” said Van Der Sar.

“I once met him, at that time, he asked about my son who also happens to be academic Manchester United.

“I was touched by the question, he was friendly and at all not an arrogant attitude, I will continue to support him.”

Pogba Semringah Burden World’s Most Expensive Player Has Been Released

Pogba Semringah Burden World’s Most Expensive Player Has Been Released

Manchester United mainstay midfielder, Paul Pogba, admitted relieved after no longer holds the status as the world’s most expensive player.

Paul Pogba broke the world transfer record after Man United’s purchase from Juventus in the summer of 2016 with a “dowry” of 205 million euros (Rp 1.6 trillion).

Just one year later, the record was surpassed by Neymar who was worth 222 million euros while moving from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Pogba admits he feels burdened by the status of the world’s most expensive footballer. Criticism flowed swiftly as he performed poorly.

Now, the load has disappeared from the shoulders of the midfielder following Neymar’s phenomenal transfer.

“Last year, the first thing people asked was about price,” Pogba told the Daily Mail.

“Now, everyone is just going to talk about football,” said the 24-year-old.

Furthermore, Pogba is determined to perform better after no more burden.

“Now I’m back and I’m happy,” the Frenchman said.

Pogba did not take long to show off.

He immediately contributed a goal when Man United silenced West Ham United 4-0 in the inaugural Premier League week 2017-2018, Saturday (13/08/2017).

Giggs: Manchester duo will be conspicuous next season

Giggs: Manchester duo will be conspicuous next season

According to legend at Old Trafford, Ryan Giggs, Manchester duo will be two clubs that are striking and predicted to compete in the Premier League.

The Red Devils legend is concerned about the performance of many English Premier League clubs in this season’s pre-season game, and he feels both Manchesters have a chance to play the English Premier League.

“I think the two of them will compete tightly for the English Premier League, so far they have been the best through several matches yesterday,” said Giggs.

“Chelsea are actually among them, but even though they were champions in the summer, seeing the current conditions, two Manchesters are more likely,” Giggs continued.

Got Physically Marvelous, New Arsenal Defender Equated With Tank

Got Physically Marvelous, New Arsenal Defender Equated With Tank

Theo Walcott sent praise to new Arsenal defender Sead Kolasinac, saying that the former Schalke player could be one of the best players in the English Premier League Bandar Bola.

Kolasinac arrived at the Emirates Stadium on a free transfer ahead of the 2017-18 season and scored a counterweight which eventually led to Arsenal’s win on penalties over Chelsea in the Community Shield on Sunday.

Kolasinac Physics matches the English Premier League

The 24-year-old did not start at Wembley but was forced into the field earlier than expected as Per Mertesacker left the field with a head injury.

And Walcott believes Arsenal have made a very good transfer by bringing it. He also called the player is a figure that is really perfect to play in the Premier League.

“Sead looks like a tank. He is a tough unit that is difficult to skip and I am sure his physical attributes will be key for us this season. Honestly, he is a savage player. He is amazing, I see him in the gym every day, you can say he keeps himself well, he eats the right food and he is professional, “said Walcott.

“You can see the power he has when he gets the ball, his pace and everything. Very beautiful to watch and he is a great addition to the squad. Believe me, he is not easy to skip. He is perfect for the Premier League, he is absolutely perfect. He will show something different, “he added.

“I have seen a glimpse of him in the pre-season and he will be fitter, stronger and faster. This league is the best and I think he can be one of the best players in the league, “he concluded.

Arsenal start their season by facing Leicester City this weekend. In the last season the Gunners failed to break into the top four and failed to qualify for the Champions League this season. Therefore, their target this season is to achieve a performance that is at least better than last season. (Source: Four Four Two)

Manchester United Will Extend Contracts Juan Mata And Herrera

Manchester United Will Extend Contracts Juan Mata And Herrera

Manchester United is rumored to soon extend the contract of two players their mainstay from Spain, Ander Herrera, and Juan Mata Judi Online.

Both players successfully performed with a glorious performance in the season yesterday, the management and also Jose Mourinho as coach sure both will make the Red Devils stronger.

It is not as the main goal machine for the Red Devils, but they are both judged to make the midfield stronger and make the game more harmonious.

Herrera own feared to leave to Barcelona, they will not let it happen, in the near future they will soon prepare a brand-new contract.