Chester Bennington, Linkin Park, and Soccer

Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington, Linkin Park, and Soccer

The news of the death of Chester Bennington not only cause grief in the entertainment world Situs Judi Online. World football also felt the departure of Linkin Park’s vocalist.

Chester Bennington is claimed to be a supporter of Ipswich Town, the club now competing in the Championship Division or the second-tier Premier League competition.

Bennington’s closeness to Ipswich was transmitted by his father, Lee Bennington.

Lee became a fan of Ipswich Town after being introduced to the club by fellow retired policeman, Alan Howard, from Suffolk, England.

Lee from Arizona, USA, accompanied Howard to see Ipswich’s England game in the early 1990s and spread his love for the club to Chester.

“Chester has never watched live, but always follows Ipswich’s progress from the internet and he always knows about our position in the league,” Howard told the East Anglian Daily Times in 2009.

Like unrequited love, Ipswich Town did not escape expressing his condolences for the death of Chester Bennington by suicide.

“So sad to hear the news (the death of Chester Bennington) Everyone at Ipswich Town FC gave empathy to Chester’s friends and family,” Ipswich’s official Twitter account Twitter said.

Two months ago, Bennington also posed with his colleagues in the FC Bayern Munich suit.

Through a video post on Twitter, Bennington congratulated on the success of Bayern won the German Premier League.

In that short message, Bennington wore a costume numbered back 12. The costume number was not used at Bayern because to honor supporters as the 12th player.

In addition to Bennington himself, Linkin Park songs are also known close to the world of sports. To the extent, there has been a unique event because of it.

In September 2014, a unique event emerged ahead of a test duel between Slovakia’s Slovak counter team at the Zilina Stadium, Slovakia.

The loudspeakers in the stadium instead play the song ‘Numb’ by Linkin Park when the Malta team players want to sing the national anthem.

For 0.7 seconds, the short error triggered both surprise and laughter from the players.

Bennington’s works are often used as sports theme songs, such as soccer, baseball, rugby, basketball and boxing.

“Linkin Park is one of my favorite bands, I grew up listening to them RIP Chester Bennington,” chirp center Charlotte Hornets, Frank Kaminsky, condolences.

Linkin Park band vocalist, Chester Bennington (41), died from hanging himself.

Quoted by from TMZ, Bennington was found dead in his residence at Palos Verdes on Thursday (20/7/2017) local time.

Shortly after this shocking news, the authorities in Los Angeles confirmed the Associated Press that Bennington had indeed died.