Apparently, This Cause MU Stars Failed Join Real Madrid

Apparently, This Cause MU Stars Failed Join Real Madrid

Paul Pogba joined Manchester United (MU) from Juventus last summer. He chose berthing at United rather than at another club. Transfer value of Pogba worth 110 million euros, which was one year ago – is the highest price ever paid for footballers.

Previously, it was the French players, had been linked with a move to Real Madrid. However, his move to the Bernabeu somehow did not materialize.

But, according to Don Balon’s report, as quoted Ilbianconero, revealed the explanation why the former Juventus star failed to move to Real Madrid.

It mentioned the media that Pogba was included in the list of five unwanted players Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid.

The Frenchman is on the list with players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Robert Lewandowski, Arturo Vidal and Dani Ceballos, who recently joined Real Madrid last summer.

Pogba is not the player Ronaldo wants at the Bernabeu. And, his veto can prevent Pogba from joining Real Madrid.

Virus Infections

Real Madrid had a chance to bring in a new full back in the winter transfer market in 2018.

However, as reported by Marca, Thursday (12/10/2017), Los Blancos will not take the opportunity.

As reported earlier, Real Madrid will likely lose Dani Carvajal for two months. The 25-year-old full back suffers from pericarditis.

Such diseases are reportedly difficult to treat because they have to be handled with caution.Pericarditis is a membrane membrane around the heart.

This disease occurs due to a viral infection. It can be cleaned in less than two or three weeks for ordinary citizens. As for athletes, it will be more complex and risky. You see, the heart becomes one of the health parameters of an athlete who has high physical activity.

Bale Wishes Could Go Back Scintillating

Bale Wishes Could Go Back Scintillating

Gareth Bale tried to respond to all the criticisms that were directed at Real Madrid after three weeks of La Liga running Agen Judi Bola.

The Wales star spoke in an interview with the media about his feelings in Spain and his injury problems.

Bale admits he plays with disregard for pain and may make the mistake of returning prematurely from injury suffered.

“Maybe it would be better if I rested yesterday longer. But when you get injured for three months and see teammates struggling, you’ll soon want to go back and that’s what I did. I have to accept a lot of pain relievers to be able to play, “said Bale.

“I hope my best ability will still come. There are some great moments, some are bad.

“Everything is an opinion. They have to sell newspapers and write something, so I’m used to people writing good and bad. It does not bother me much. “

Through Instagram, Messi Convey Farewell to Neymar

Trio MSN Antar Barcelona Lolos ke Perempat Final

Through Instagram, Messi Convey Farewell to Neymar

Neymar move to PSG just waiting for the official announcement only. Moreover, the Brazilian striker had already said goodbye to the Barcelona squad.

On Wednesday (02/08/2017), Neymar met club president, Josep Bartomeu. He explains the desire to leave and Bartoemeu can not do anything but let him leave.

Neymar then headed to the dressing room at Barcelona training headquarters to meet all his colleagues. There in hugging one by one players and team staff, while saying goodbye.

Along with the circulation of the news, tandem Neymar on the front lines of Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčLionel Messi also upload a video on Instagram. There they saw the togetherness they had been through.

But from it all, the most attention is the accompanying writing. Messi wrote, “It’s great to share these few years with you best friend, Neymar”.

Apparently Messi’s post was responded directly by Neymar. In the comments column, the former Santos striker wrote, “Thank you brother, I will miss you very much”.

Believed Neymar will be anchored to PSG this week as well. He is likely to break the record transfer of players with a value of transactions reached 222 million euros.

Zidane Pockets Real Madrid’s Weakness

FOTO: Melalui Adu Penalti, Manchester United Kalahkan Real Madrid

Zidane Pockets Real Madrid’s Weakness

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane already has a record number of weaknesses skuatnya when losing 1-2 (1-1) from Manchester United (MU), Monday (24/07/2017). According to him, inconsistent game rhythms make the troops lose.

In the International Champions Cup (ICC) 2017 final match, at Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, United States (US), Real Madrid defeat from Manchester United on penalties with a score of 1-2. Both teams ended the game in normal time with a score of 1-1.

“We are performing well, especially the young players who play in the second half, one that we have to evaluate, and that’s a weak point, is the rhythm of the game, I hope we can find it as soon as possible, especially in the next game,” Zidane said. Marca.

Overall, Zidane was delighted with what Real Madrid have shown against the team with the composition of a complete player like Manchester United. “The final result is not too important,” said Zizane.

The team’s architects claim, pre-season games in the US to be a bridge before they melakoni the inaugural premiere party 2017-2018, the European Super Cup 2017, Tuesday (08/08/2017) future.

Real Madrid will meet again with Manchester United in the match in Macedonia. “The 2017 European Super Cup trophy is our priority, we want to win the first official game, so the preseason in the US is very important to get there,” said Zidane.

Real Madrid match schedule

Real Madrid midfielder Casemiro agrees with Zidane. According to the reply scorer to Manchester United’s goal, the rhythm and solidity of the team to be the most important compared to the final result.

He considered, the first party in the stage of International Champions Cup (ICC) 2017 counter Real Madrid gave many lessons. “We played well in the first half, which means I have a good feeling towards the European Super Cup, one of which, we have a row of high-spirit junior players,” Casemiro said.

Before competing in the European Super Cup 2017, Real Madrid will melakoni three more matches in the US. Real Madrid will meet Manchester City, Barcelona (29/7/2017) and MLS All Stars (2/8/2017).

Source: Marca, Real Madrid, ICC