Eriksson: Fans Have to Remember Wayne Rooney

Eriksson: Fans Have to Remember Wayne Rooney

The legendary manager, Sven-Goran Eriksson, thinks the fans should treat Wayne Rooney just like Francesco Totti

Everton bomber decided to retire from England since August last season with recorded 53 goals in 119 matches.

Goran himself seems to feel disappointed with the fans who remain concerned about the performance shown by Rooney during the England team.

But Goran wants fans to appreciate what has been done by Rooney, as well as Totti, who already provide the best for the club or country.

Goran said “I think fans should still appreciate Rooney, as it should be with Totti.”

“Rooney is a great player. He can score many goals for Manchester United or England. ”

“If Rooney comes from Italy, then of course all the public will appreciate it just like Totti.”

“I’m sure some time is coming, there will be players like Rooney.”

“And I have so far been confused with the public, what exactly do they want from Rooney?”

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